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Environmental Health

Public Health Inspectors have to investigate health hazards in the community.

Some examples of health hazards are indoor air quality (like mould), outdoor air quality, human or animal waste disposal, bugs and animals that carry disease, garbage, and contact with dangerous chemicals.

For more information or to report a health hazard, call 613-735-8654 extension 555.

Air quality

Air Quality Health Index

Health Canada – Mould and Your Health

Health Canada – Radon

Water quality

Ontario – Blue Green Algae

Poisonous plants

Giant Hog weed and Wild Parsnip (PDF, 1 page, 5.5 MB)

Wild Parsnip (PDF, 2 pages, 227 KB)

The septic system is a cheap and efficient way of sewage disposal. But when it is abused or neglected, the septic system can stop working when you need it the most, like during the winter months. A septic system may stop working properly because of a poor location, bad construction, lack of attention, and overloading.

Inspect the tank once a year to see how much sludge and scum is in the tank. When inspecting inside the tank, do not use matches or open flame, as explosive gases may cause injury. Do not place your head into the tank either.

Tanks under normal working conditions should be pumped about once every 3 to 5 years by a licensed sewage disposal company. The build-up of scum on the surface and sludge on the bottom will plug the tank and eventually will plug the leaching bed too.

A Guide to Operating and Maintaining Your Septic System (PDF, 6 pages)

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